Training Kids For Speed and Developing Speed DVD

The Oztrack DVD includes footage of a variety of training activities that are outlined in the e-books. It includes a section displaying drills, pilates, swiss ball, gym ideas, bounding etc. It is useful for both athletes, parents and coaches.

The original Training Kids For Speed video has a duration is 27min and has been created with music and subtitling in English.

The Developing Speed Video includes some footage of more advanced training activities.

Both programs are of value to any Developing Athlete and certainly not only young athletes. All of the activities are equally applicable to Masters Sprinters.

The DVD also includes all my personally authored other e-books.

Developing Speed
Maintaining Form
Training For 400m
Training For 800m
Oztrack Information
Training Session Spreadsheet
Training For Veteran Athletes
Training For Cross Country
Training For Road Racing

Individually purchased these would all cost over US$80.


"Positive Reviews by Peter Lawler in ATFCA Modern Athlete & Coach"

"Best Seller with over 3000 sold!"


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