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Planning Ideas For 800m & 1500m Athletes

Author: Steve Bennett Short Term Planning I have implemented with my squad a mixture of all the previously discussed methods that vary throughout the year.It is very important to have a clearly defined off-season where basic training, implementation of new

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Sprint Training for the Developing Athlete.

Sprint Training for the Developing Athlete. Author: Steve Bennett This article is designed for younger athletes who have done little training. It contains the main points of a long term approach. It is initially much more important to improve balance,

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Speed from Strength

Speed from Strength Author: Steve Bennett B.Sc. (Physiology) A great thing for any runner to develop would be more “bounciness” and in any endurance athlete would be “sustained bounciness”. The good news is most athletes can improve the power

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Ideas for Young Talented Athletes by Steve Bennett

Author: Steve Bennett There are many very young (9-13yrs old) extremely talented athletes out there. Some of them like Australia’s Georgie Clarke can make great progressions at an early age. 800m age 11 2:12 age 12 2:08 age 13 2:05

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Welcome to Oztrack Coaching & Training Information.

Author: Steve Bennett We plan to share with the world the best of our training & coaching ideas.  Oztrack was a leader in Athletics information since 1996 when the Oztrack site was first started. We have always shared plenty of

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