Some Oztrack Athletics Customer Comments

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I use the materials to train U14 girls at soccer. Some of the girls also run cross country and track, so your e-book is very useful. We consistently use the concepts of core strength and posture, as well as balancing heavy work days with lighter ones. I really enjoy the materials, including your email updates. Please keep it up.
Roeland van Krieken
California , USA

I will probably buy anything you provide. You are someone I regard very highly. Any information you have on training multiple bimotor characteristics in team sports at the youth level (10-18 yrs.) would be helpful. Thanks
Jim Parrish
Strength and Conditioning Coach

I found the Training Kids for Speed manual very interesting. I have recently completed a Level 1 Basic Course to help my son who is quite talented. The manual will be a valuable asset to my growing library.
Geoff Cox

As a coach of sprinters and hurdlers i found your e-books very interesting. I met Paul Doyle from Speed Dynamics (Atlanta) a few years ago and learnt of the new biomechanics of sprinting from him. I think that you could include a chapter on acceleration and bring out the differences with maximum sprinting from a technique point of view. Other than that well done on two excellent books.
John Shields
Dublin, Ireland

I found the book to be excellent! Are there any videos available?
Arthur C. Gregory

The information you provided has helepd my son's training in track. He has improved his form and oerformance. Greta job !
Charles Greenberg

Books are very helpful. We have a sophmore 3200 meter runner that is currently running 9:50. The book should help him get faster. We will be putting the techniques into practice. I think the training kids for speed book will provide great ideas for a new recreation track program we are starting. I'm looking forward to using the info.
Richard Read

Very good information. It has confirmed my belief that middle distance runner must do more than just put in mileage and running only workouts. I like the suggestions and I am planning to implement new additions to our easy day workouts. Obviously, if all athletes were committed to the the same goal, we could make great progress. thanks for the e-book and I look forward to continued articles via e-mail.
Kent Graham

I like your books. They are easy to read. I have not figured out how to implement your ideas into my program yet, but will work on it over the summer. The only thing that makes it difficult to implement new things that are more technical is how to teach it when you have 50 to 80 boy and girls of different abilities and interest to coach. If you have any ideas on how to do this please let me know (idea for a new book). Keep up the good work. Thanks
Jim Farroni
Ohio USA 44094

I thought the book was very informative I am trying to help my 11 yr old son run faster for both baseball and basketball. This book will help with that. I do wish there was some sport specific pages to help with specific sports. Thanks Very informative book.
Robert Stewart

The information was good and I found out that what we do for our track club is very similar, if not the same as you are teaching. It is reassuring that our coaches are on the right path to training our youth atheletes perform properly.
Darryl Hylton, Sr.
VA United States

I found the book very helpful. We have 3 kids that run track and we have been training them very hard up to the day before the meet, thinking that it would make them stronger for their events. It was very helpful and made alot of sense that kids' neurological systems need to recover for several days before a meet. We tried it on the youngest daughter by not having her do any speed work for 4 days before the meet, with 2 days of no running and her times improved greatly. It would be helpful if there were more info on nutrition, especially what to eat and not eat race day and a few days before.
Kelly Brooks
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Your offerings have been extremely helpful. I am gaining insight on helping my sons' to become better sprinters. Thank you so much! Keep me posted on any info regarding sprinting and the long jump. My sons are 10 and 12 years old. Keep up the good work! C. Cochrane

I ordered the Modern Speed Training e-book. This book is everything I hoped it would be in terms of speed development and sprinting. I coach elite sprinters and found the information very practical and useful. I would recommend this book to the coach who really wants to be on the cutting edge of speed development.
Melvin Jones
Houston, Texas. USA

Thank you for ebook Modern Speed Training, am really enjoying reading it and digesting the info therin. It is reinforcing and adding to my philosophy on sprinting as both runner and coach.Also in response to your earlier request for feedback ,I came across your website when looking for info on a new? book by Charlie Francis on speed training. I am great rap for him and Ben Johnson. Regards
Colin Burnett
VIC, Australia

The information was very useful and I learned many new training methods to improve speed. I particularly felt having other resources available on the net was a welcomed addition. I was not sure if I would like reading a book via computer, but I would certainly purchase another ebook.
Robin Maltenfort

I found the three ebooks that I purchase for OZTRACK.COM very informative and useful. My son and I find the information very helpful for working with kids and adults who want to improve their running. I have used it to improve my own running techniques and I am looking forward to seeing the next new ebooks, anything on hurlders would be very useful for me. Thanks!!!
Reggie Clinton

I thought your book, Training Kids for Speed, was excellent. My only suggestions would be to publish it in hard copy. Also, it would be good to include sample weekly/monthly training schedules--for beginners, intermediate, advanced; or by age group.
Donna Renaud

I am not a "middle distance" runner. I mostly race 5K and up but I feel many of the teachings contained in your book can be applied by those training for events right up through the ultramarathon.
Paul Fendler
Massachusetts, USA

Dear Steve Bennett and Staff:
I've already bought "Training Kids for Speed" and "Modern Speed Training" and aside from finding them quite informative, precise and practical, I should say that I really found very convenient the E-Book format. I would really like to find other great books under that format. I've bought paper books from the U.S, and I always have to wait for them for at least a few days, then I have to pay more taxes and in the process, I always hope that the book comes in good condition. Good luck and hope to hear more good news from You All!
David Preciado

The book (Maintaining Running Form) is incredible and I like that it puts a science to training middle distance. It really puts a method and an explanation to the workouts my coaches are having me do.

Finally, I ran into a downloading issue when I inadvertently downloaded the e-book to my network and just wanted to thank you again for working with me on this one.

I'm looking forward to making future e-Book purchases.
Houston, Texas, USA

All books - Kids Speed, etc were great. Owner was very,v ery helpful in solving download problems, information in books is excellent and I will definitely order more items!
Michael Derrow

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Training Kids for Speed
Contains the very latest Sprint Training Ideas

Modern methods have been adapted into a comprehensive program that is suitable for use with developing athletes of any age.

Learn to run the modern way displayed by Marion Jones , Maurice Greene and other star sprinters.

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Modern Speed Training.

A comprehensive guide to Advanced Speed Training using the latest methods.

This book is by Adrian Faccioni , a highly regarded speed coach and consultant in Australia.

It contains over 135 A4 pages of text plus images. Available only in E-book format.

I believe this is the best book on Speed Training that is currently available. Steve Bennett

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Maintaining Running Form During Middle Distance Racing

Presents a large range of Modern Training techniques that will improve athletes Running Form and help any athlete maintain more speed in the closing stages of races.

Training to improve "ease of speed" is the missing factor in many training programs.

This e-book will help develop the ability to finish races in the way displayed by the likes of Haile Gebreselassie , Wilson Kipketer,Hicham El Guerrouge and Michael Johnson.

The information applies to all athletes that have to run fast while fatigued ie. 200m to Marathon.

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