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by Toby Tanser and John Manners

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Flyers Track Team

coached by
Steve Bennett B.Sc.(Physiology) Dip.Ed.
ATFCA Level 2 Coach (Level 3 Development & Assessment being finalized)
Western Sydney Academy of Sport - Head Coach Athletics since 1997

Flyers Squad Records and Past Members Achievements CLICK HERE

Preya successfully bouncing over 3 Plyo hurdles set at 104cm. She can now do over 107cm for two plyo hurdles.

Click here to go to Flyers Squad PBs

Real Player Files

Shakira Flyers
I recently made a video clip of our squad training to the musical backing of Shakira. Streaming Video HERE in Real Video Format 2.2Mb it lasts about 4min (You need to have Real Player)

There is also now another one called Hills & More backed with music by Christina Milian in Real Player Format streaming 2.8Mb lasting almost 4min to download click HERE

Other Real Player Files are:
- Some Gym 25 July 3.6Mb

Windows Media Files

Another full version of Shakira Flyers can be downloaded from here in Windows Media Player Format. It is 2.8Mb and on a dialup connection will take about 10min to download.

Other Windows Media Files are:
Milian Hills short version 5.7Mb

Flyers - The Best of 2002 (Bon Jovi) 6Mb

More Videos can be browsed at , the videos that end in .ram will stream if you have a fast connection to the internet. Many others are at However many of the new ones need Quicktime click here to download it.

Note: If quicktime is installed - you need to click and wait. On a good dialup connection 1MB will take about 4min to load.

Preya doing some jumps from an 18m run up to 5.62m (1.1Mb)
Preya bouncing double leg over three 104cm hurdles (213Kb)
Athletes using an airboard to develop better "in air" movements.(1.2Mb)
Preya & Kate in the Gym on 21Nov (3.3Mb)
December Mid Torso work in the Gym Preya & Kate (2.0Mb)

DivX .avi Video (needs the DivX codec to play)

The latest squad music video
FlyersKylie 16.1Mb


Squad News

September 2002
We have been doing some very good all round conditioning. Great progress has been made in most areas by many athletes. eg - Best 5 MD girls 5 x 800 rest 3min in averages of 2:24, 2:29,2:31, 2:35, 2:40
- MD boys 5 x 800 rest 3min 2:11, 2:17, low2:20s
- 6 x 400m rest 1min after a solid 10min run Boys 63s,66, 70s , Girls averaging around 70s, 70s,71s,73s,76s,78s
- Gym - Preya Step Ups on High Box 4 x 4 up to 80Kg, KateM 75Kg - Incline Bench 4 x 4 Preya & KateM 40Kg - Cleans 4 x 4 up to 45Kg Preya & KateM, 1/4 Squat 4 x 4 up to 120Kg Preya & Kate Cleans - Preya 50Kg, KateM 50Kg
-13.4km bush run Faulconbridge Point - Cam 49min, David 51min ,Adric 53min,KateM 55min, KateG 56min, Jess 63min, Renee 64min
- 30+30 Billat Session - Cam/David 20 x 200m jog 100m in abt 31-33s , KateM 36s -36s
-1000m TT - Cam 2:32, David 2:33, KateM 2:51.3
- Preya Long Jump Debut 5.50m great series of jumps all near 5.50m improved two weeks later with some jumps to 5.80m
- 40m first movement Preya 4.01 Laura 4.21
- 6 x 200m diminishing rests 5-4-3-2-1min , from flying starts.
KateM average 28.55, Renee 29.9
- Preya some sub40s flying 300m reps off LJ training!
-Squad is now peak volume phase and will not be resting for races until mid-November. Focus is on training. Volume peak weeks soon are KateM 90km, KateG 90km, Cam 90km, David 90km - Nationals is not until March/April which is still 6 months away.

October 2002
- NSW All Schools Championships our Squad we won 21 Medals, which is pretty pleasing considering that the event is not a targetted event we have done any precomp phase training for.

Gold - 6 State Championships (Renee ran up an age group or it would have been 8)
Kate Gozzard 17yrs 800m 2:11.32PB by 1.3s
David Harney 16yrs 800m 1:56
Katie French 16yrs 800m 2:18
Katie French 16yrs 1500m 4:48
Andrew Scully 16yrs 400m 50.15PB
Adric Streatfeild 19yrs 1500m 4:22

Silver - 5
Jessica Doorey 15yrs 800m 2:15
Jennifer Coogan U19 Heptathlon
David Harney 16yrs 1500m 4:02.21PB by 6s
Samara Coiro 13yrs SP
Tina Sherratt 13yrs 1500m 4:48.36PB by 12s

Bronze - 6
Renee Asonitis 13yrs 800 2:21
Renee Asonitis 13yrs 1500 4:50.78 race PB by 7s
Rachel Coogan 13yrs TJ
Andrew Scully 17yrs 400 hurdles 57.96PB
Alex Ciric 16yrs 200m hurdles
Adric Streatfeild 19yrs Steeple

Other PBs at State Schools
Laura Verlinden did 26.06 in 200m a PB by about 0.6s

November 2002

PBs for many on 30November Allcomers meet
Kate McMaster a 10s PB in the 1500m running 4:27.67
Dean Asonitis 4:57 in 1500
Cam 3:57.0 in 1500m
Patrick 5:05 in 1500m
Laura 12.85 into -1.7m/s wind
Preya 57.34 in 400m a 1.6s PB
Andrew Scully 49.52 in 400m
Dave Harney 50.61 in 400m
Joanne equalled her HJ PB of 1.50m

December 2002

Zatopek Classic in Melbourne

Debbie Savage won in 2:06.52
Kate McMaster 4th in 2:07.87 after leading until last 80m
Kate Gozzard 6th

Kate Gozzard did a great PB of 2:09.10 and then won the Australian U18 800m Championships at the All Schools Championships in Hobart. She was also selected for the Australian Youth Olympics event in January.

NSW Relays
A team almost won a medal in the Medley Relay with Jess returning from a knee injury in 2:18 and Preya splitting 56.3 in the 400m leg putting the team into 3rd. Laura & Jen ran the 200m but were overcome by the strong sprinting of the Sydney Pacific Team.

Renee Asonitis did two PBs placing 4th in both 800 & the 1500 at the Australian All-Schools. She did 59.30 and 2:17.95 both great time for Renee who turns 13 in January.

Some great training sessions were done in Nov 2002 eg:
3 x 500m rest 8min then 5 x 100
KateG average 78.0
Renee average 82.0
Cam average 69.0

Preya did some awesome things in plyo and in the gym in Dec 2002
1/4 squat PB for 4 reps now shifted up to 150Kg
Hops over 3 hurdles double leg 104cm
Single leg hops 2 strides between over 105cm
10 stride LJ of 5.65m
Flying 80m reps x 2 in sub9.0 (11.1/100m speed)
400m Relay Leg of 56.3

Wattle Series Friday 24 January
From my watch:
Preya 24.62h
Laura 25.40h
Liz 26.24h
Renee 26.56h
Joanne 28.50h

Jay 4:15
Adric 4:26?
Dean 4:56.6

Preya 11.81h
Laura 12.18h
Liz 12.75h
Renee 13.18h
Joanne 13.53

Cam 50.3h
Dave 52.9h
Jess 58.1h
Renee 60.4h
Amber 60.9h

NSW Youth Champs - Medallists
Dean Asonitis age 11 won U14 800 & 1500 2:22 and 4:56 both PBs
Renee Asonitis age 13 won U14 200 in 26.59 and Silver Medal in U16 400m 58.23
Jessica Doorey age 16 won U18 800m
Alex Ciric age 16 Silver in U18 TJ
Laura Verlinden age 15 late this year won U16 100m (12.52/12.62) and came second in 200m 25.6? . Recording PBs in both events.
Preya Carey ran in the Open Invitational 100m and 200m placing 2nd in both. 12.27/24.88 both into headwinds
Tina Sherratt placed 4th in the U16 800 in a PB 2:18 and won Bronze in the U16 1500 in 4:47 a PB.

Preya at Campbelltown A-series
Preya placed 2nd in the 100m in a great PB of 11.87 in wind legal conditions. Later in the program she ran the 300m against Jana Pittman and placed 3rd in 38.87s
KateM and Debbie paced the first 1000m of the 1500m event.

Canberra A-series
Preya placed 2nd in her heat of the Open 100m and then placed 9th in the final.
Debbie placed 3rd in 2:03.14 an awesome 3.38s PB
David won the U18 800 in 1:56.0 after a sub54s first lap
Jess ran just over 2:14 after leading for 650m placing 4th

Debbie placed 3rd in the Melbourne & Sydney A-series meets and then won Bronze in the Australian Open Championships.

Preya ran in Melbourne A-series, Sydney A-series and at National Opens coming very close to making the National Open 4 x 100m team for the World Champs. She was clearly stronger than two of the selected team members up to 80m but could not hold them off in the closing stages of the races. Next year should be different as her training will be more geared toward 100m rather than Long Jump.

Kate McMaster was effected by a lingering stomach virus at exactly the wrong time and performed below her potential during the major races.

Jay Stephens won a Silver Medal in the U20 800m at Nationals.


Preya also had a story in the Western Sydney Fairfax papers on the 25th Feb 2003

Read it here


Many members spent the months of April and May recovering and rebuilding a really good base of fitness for next season. Some good recent sessions have been:

Kate Gozzard
15 x 400m rest 55s in 74.5 last rep 69.0
4 x 4 x 400m rest 1min/4min 72.9
4 x 2000m rest 3min 7:12 (all on grass)
2000 7:05 1500 5:12 1500 5:04 1000 3:18 1000 3:14 rests 3min (all on grass)
5 x 4 x 300 rest 45s/4min in 52.0

Jay Stevens
4 x 2000m rest 3min 6:35 (all on grass)
15 x 400m in 68s rest 55s
5 x 4 x 300 rest 45s/4min in 47.0

Renee Asonitis
4 x 4 x 300 rest 45s/4min in 55.3
12 x 400m rest 55s sub78s

In June and July Preya Carey did 3.66s and 4.78s for 40m from first movement which is heaps faster than at any time during A-series (3.90 & 5.00).She has also produced PBs in both 4 bounds and a jump from a standing start 14.68m and 4B+J from a 10m running start 18.10m. Just 12 Months ago Preya was doing 13.03m and 16.20m so she has had a huge improvement in power.

Sprinters doing exercises between tempo 60m reps on June 9th they did 5 x 4 x 60m moving as perfectly as possible at 80% pace. At start of each rep they did exercises. By the end of the session has done 160 pushups, 140 lamp-posts, 150 supermans, 100 v-sits.

Squad Members

ex-Flyer Kate McMaster 56/2:06

Dave Harney 1:55 and ex-Flyer Debbie Savage 2:03 for 800m

ex-Flyer Alice Goodberg(far left) in 1999 Brisbane GP 800m where she ran 2:05.40

David Harney Born 1986 50.60/1:55.14/4:02.21
NSW U18 Champion 800m 2002
NSW 16yrs Schools Champion 2002
Australian U18 800m Silver Medallist 2003

Cameron Morrissey 50.3/1:52.77/3:57.0 Born1983
NSW Junior Champion 800m 2001

Australian U20 800m Bronze Medal 2001, Finalist 2002
NSW Schools 17+ 800m Silver Medal 2001
Australian Schools U20 800m Champion 2001
Competed in the Canberra & Campbelltown A-Series in 2002

Kate Gozzard doing 400 reps 9 June 2003

Kate Gozzard 58.99/2:09.10/4:45.5 Born1985
Australian Champion U18 800m All Schools Hobart Dec 2002
NSW All-Schools Champion 17yrs 800m Oct 2002
CHS Champion 17yrs 800m Sep 2002
Silver Medallist NSW LA U15 800m March 2001
Bronze Medallist ANSW U18 Champs Feb 2002
5th Australian U18 800m Championships March 2002
Bronze Medallist NSW All Schools 16yrs 800m Oct 2001

Read it HERE

Preya in Sydneys Daily Telegraph 21 Feb 2003




Preya Carey 7.47/11.85/24.74/57.34 (56.3 flying relay)
LJ 5.75m (6.10m training) Born1983
NSW LA Champ 100,200 1999
100m NSW U15 LA Record Holder 11.8h 100m
Australian U20 4 x 100m Medallist 2002
2nd Campbelltown A series 2003 in 100m 11.87, 3rd in 300m 38.87
100m Finalist Canberra A-series 2003
Bronze Medal NSW Open Champs 11.93 into 1.2wind

ex-Flyer Renee Asonitis 57.1/2:16/4:38 at age 13




Jessica Doorey in green

Jessica Doorey Born 1987 26.28 57.7 2:12.20 4:45.9
NSW U18 800m Champion 2003
Australian U16 Championships Silver Medal 400m 2001
NSW 14yrs 400m Champion 2000
NSW Schools 14yrs 800m Bronze Medal 2001
NSW U16 800m Silver Medal 2002
NSW LA U15 Silver Medal 400m

Australian Junior Championship 800m 2003 Finalist

Joanne Waring b1989 HJ 1.50m NSW LA Finalist 100m 13.2

Tina Sherratt (Coffs Harbour) Born 1989 2:17.0 4:41.79
2003 NSW U16 1500m Bronze Medal
2002 NSW All Schools Silver Medal 13 yrs 1500m
2003 NSW LA Bronze Medal 800m U14

Adric Streatfeild Born 1984 CHS XC
800m 2:06.0h 1500m 4:21.51 5000m 17:30
NSW Schools Champion 19yrs 1500m 2002
NSW Schools Bronze Medal 10yrs 2km Steeple

Sarah Salmon b1987 100 12.7 200m 25.9 400 59s National Finalist 2002

Fornetina Kelemete Born 1992
2001 NSW LA Champion U9 100m 14.1h 29.64
2002 NSW LA Champion U10 100m 13.8 200m 28.9 70m
2003 NSW LA Champion U11 100m 13.5 200m 28.1

Donna Kelemete Born 1989
400m sub64s 800m 2:33

Amber Morris Born 1987
400m 60.10 800 2:21
Finalist NSW U18 400m 2003
Australian Junior Championships 4 x 100m Silver Medallist

Jay Stevens
Born 1985
800m 1:54.59h 1500m 4:07 400m 51
2003 NSW U20 Champion 800m
2003 Australian Junior Championships Silver Medal 800m

Matt Bedford Born 1985
400m 50.7 800m 2:00
Only started training this year and did 51.2 as a walk in off the street athlete.

Tricia Bonser
800m 2:08

Rebecca Deane
400m 56s

Stacey Lapham
400m 56s

Stephen Wilson 2000m
Paralympic Gold Medallist in 4 x 100m Relay
200m/400m 23.9/54.2

Tracey Morton b1991 age 12
800m 2:21

Jade Doley
Born 1989
1500 4:50
Lives Maitland NSW

Stephen Ball - NSW Vet Distance Athlete

Brendan Kennedy (WA) Correspondence

Find out more HERE about
the Training Kids for Speed Video + E-book on CD

Paul Cheks Swiss Ball Video 'Better abs,buns,backs'

This is the Swiss ball my squad does a few times a week.

Denise Austin - Mat Workout Based on J.H. Pilates (2000)


This video contains 2 x 20 minute workouts

Great for Hip Mobility and Postural Control.



Training for Speed by Charlie Francis

A recommended book on Sprinting. Contains plenty of great sprint training ideas. Written by the coach of Ben Johnson who ran 9.79 for 100m in the Seoul Olympics. 

For more information


Stronger Abs & Back by Brittenham & Brittenham.







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