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Author: Steve Bennett

I remember watching the 1968 Olympics as a child with great excitement. I was 5 yrs old. I vaguely remember Bob Beamons Long Jump and an Australian Gold medalist Ralph Doubell win the 800m. This inspired me to be an athlete and one day be in the Olympics.

I became a decent regional level athlete and later a high school science teacher with the opportunity to coach an athletics team. Then in 1993 Sydney Olympics was awarded to Australia, i immediately knew that i would have to become involved and give being in it in some way a chance. So i put everything into coaching for the next 7 years, reading everything, talking to everyone, studying everything. When it was over i continued for another 5yrs the same, then my young family needed my time more. So my time totally dedicated to athletics was over.

There is much i learned and quite a bit i have shared. Many ideas are still stored in my head. Things that have taken more distance from the sport to crystallize. It is some of these ideas that i will eventually unveil in this blog.

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