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Want to improve your Sprinting? Do these three things.

Author: Steve Bennett Want to improve your Sprinting? Do these three things. 1/Sprints – Sprint just 30m at maximum speed 6 times with a 3 min rest. warmpup carefully first. Time them precisely and record your progress. Do this session

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The Most Common Training Mistake made with Sprinters

Author: Steve Bennett The Most Common Training Mistake made with Sprinters – Attempting too much sprinting in a state of neural fatigue. Sprinters commonly attempt too much quality training too often, by this i mean too often in the week,

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Maturing as a Distance Athlete: Caution

Author: Steve Bennett To mature as a distance athlete you need patience – In 2003 i had a large number of very good national level junior athletes in my squad. They all wanted, like everyone does success now or at

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Sprint Training Approach

Author: Steve Bennett Just a few sprint training ideas today for runners who want to improve. Think of yourself as athletes like a dragster. To be faster your engine needs more power to get an engine upgrade you need to

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Bounding Training For Runners the Oztrack Method

Running Bounding Plyometrics

Author: Steve Bennett This article explains a way of training for runners that will steadily improve their power levels in a specific way.  It works as a crucial element in the development of Sprinters & is also very effective at

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Recovery Ideas to assist improvement in Endurance Runners

Author: Steve Bennett In our fast paced world it is easy for athletes to get run down many things outside of training itself. Living a balanced life and at the same to reaching your potential in athletics is a challenge.

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Middle Distance Speed Training Ideas

Author: Steve Bennett Just a few ideas that I thought i would share that I used with my squad. Speed Bounds We regularly did 10m running start and 20m speed bounds. I count the number of steps and also time

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Sprinters Nervous System Pre-school

Author: Steve Bennett Sprinters need to be steadily throughout the year training for more strength and then training in ways to let their nervous systems learn how to use the extra strength & convert it to power. Its not enough

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Developing Sprinters: A Yearly Plan

Author: Steve Bennett Sprinters need to maintain a high level of speed all year. Over the past few years I have found the best way to develop sprinters is with a double periodized year. This is because they can then

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Endurance Training: Intensity vs Volume

Author: Steve Bennett For many years now debate has raged between advocates of the two extremes of training for middle distances. We have had athletes who have been on well over 160km a week running great times in 1500m and

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